Belt Conveyor

Technical Features

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About Product

  • A Belt Conveyor consists of two or more pulleys, with a continuous loop of material - the conveyor belt - that rotates about them.
  • One or both of the pulleys are powered, moving the belt and the material on the belt forward.
  • The powered pulley is called the drive puller while the unpowered pulley is called the idler puller.
  • The belt consists of one or more layers of material. They can be made out of rubber or plastic.
  • Modular plastic belt conveyor or low profile conveyor has following configuration:
  • Load speed 36 kg
  • Belt speed 78 meter / min
  • Belt width 19 mm to 305 mm
  • Conveyor length 610 mm to 1800 mm
  • 25 mm dia drive puller turn
  • 86 mm of belt per revolution
  • 12 swg roll forward speed frame